secretary 2002

on 13 June 2011

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“I got out of the institution the day of my sister’s wedding,” narrates Lee Holloway (Maggie Gyllenhaal). The socially repressed Lee has an alcoholic for a dad (Stephen McHattie) and a mom (Lesley Ann Warren) who puts a happy face on everything. Lee returns to old habits, inflicting cuts on herself with the instruments she keeps locked in a child’s jewelry box. Never having worked a day in her life, Lee completes a typing class and interviews for a secretarial position with tax attorney E. Edward Grey (James Spader).

Lee’s messy wardrobe, sniffling, and constant playing with her hair unnerves the fussy Mr. Grey, but her submissiveness excites him, as when she happily climbs into a dumpster to look for a file. Lee gives a normal relationship a try with a quirky high school classmate (Jeremy Davies), but she’s more turned on by her withdrawn boss, his red pens and admonishments when she commits a typo on the IBM typewriter. Mr. Grey later confronts Lee about her jewelry box and tells her that she’ll never cut herself again. She obeys, and discovers a world of spankings and obedience opening her life up.


TYPE : BLUR RAY a.k.a BPRip :

PART 1 :

PART 2 :

PART 3 : 

PART 4 :

PART 5 :


Some Guide
1 -Some files have "rar" extension for which you require "WinRAR" to extract the movie.

2 -Some files have ".001" extension for which you require "HJSplit" to extract the movie.

3 -Some files have "._a" extension for which you either require "FFJS" to extract or else rename the extensions to ".001, .002, .003...." respectively and use HJSplit.

4 -Some files have ".a00, .a01, .a02,..., .alz" extension, for which you have to download "ALZip" for extracting the movie.

5 -Some files have ".vnw" extension in the end. For such files, create a back-up in some other folder. Now rename one set of files to ".rar" and use "WinRAR"

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