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on 01 May 2013

One click system maintenance programs is not a new concept. Previously, we’ve reviewed applications like Glary Utilities, SlimCleaner and Puran Utilities that are designed to help users getting rid of unnecessary files that otherwise tend to be the cause of slack PC performance. Synei System Utilities is a similar Windows utilities suite that houses a host of different system maintenance tools like disk cleaner, startup manager, disk defragmenter, data backup, registry cleaner, system tune-up and a few more. The application is designed to speed up your computer’s performance by removing unwanted junk from the memory and primary storage

The captivating interface of Synei System Utilities lets you easily access all the available optimization tools. You can either choose to only analyze your system – which in turn displays your current PC health represented in percentage – or also optimize it after the analysis.

The application is highly customizable in terms of usage, which means it’s entirely up to the users which files they want removed, or what kind of system optimization they want. Once analyzed, the underlying cause of the issue becomes more apparent, since you can click each tool from the available options and manually perform the cleanup and optimization process.

Disk Cleaner, for instance, allows removing temporary files from installed browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome etc.) as well as system and application items to free up HDD space. Likewise, Startup Manager allows toggling processes and programs that automatically execute upon Windows logon; Service Manager enables terminating unwanted services; TuneUp lets you detect and optimize registry items, and Defragment is pretty much self-explanatory. Each tool opens in its own separate window, from where the desired actions can be performed by the user.

Ranking: 5
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