ArchiCAD 15 3267

on 19 December 2011

ArchiCAD 15 3267

ArchiCAD 15 -

pushing the boundaries of design. ArchiCAD 15 will help brighten the design to express the idea of ??the architect, expanding the design possibilities of technology for BIM-free forms and reconstruction.

Complex architectural forms

Architecture is always goes hand in hand with the development of construction technologies, building on the three laws of Vitruvius: durability, utility and beauty. These three principles can be found in any significant architectural object: in the vaults of classic historic buildings, and in modern organic shapes. ArchiCAD 15 BIM expands the design possibilities of tools: a new tool Shell (Shell) allows you to simulate a wide range of architectural volumes of free forms - both historical and modern buildings for!

The updated design space

In recent years, the principles of modern design are undergoing revolutionary changes are numerous, that no doubt affects both the generated form, and the "courage" of projects. So the architects gradually break away from the "flat" two-dimensional sketches and beyond to the expanses of the 3D space. In this case the freedom of three-dimensional environment overshadows the complexity of orientation in the virtual space. The new version of ArchiCAD 15 work in 3D will become more comfortable with the new three-dimensional guide and reference planes, which make your work more comfortable in the volume, hold and intuitive, allowing the designer to the power of natural design in the future.

Reconstruction? Easy

Modern technologies have significantly increased the life of the buildings. As a result - we often see unique projects of reconstruction of historic buildings. ArchiCAD 15 expands the design possibilities of architects, allowing you to work on reconstructions using BIM technology and helping to produce high quality, clear and accurate documentation as the project progresses.

Best in its class with support for CAD BIM

Despite the fact that the new version is replete with new tools and technologies in ArchiCAD 15 developers continue sovershenstovat old tools. For example, IFC interface and the principles of open collaboration with engineers, support for 64-bit operating systems (notably Mac OS) and the improvement of the parametric object libraries - all can be found in the new version.


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