Magic Desktop Premium 3.01

on 14 September 2011

Magic Desktop the Worlds best software for kids between ages 2 and 10! Magic Desktop provides a safe way to share computers with children. It functions as an operating system on Windows-based PCs that is both child-proof and child-friendly.

Computer Protection

Magic Desktop is the first thing kids see when the computer is turned on, and accessing the regular Windows screen requires a parent-selected password. Magic Desktop protects your system settings and important data files from accidental kid-interference, ensuring your PC will always work when you return.

Parental Control

Not only can you control which programs kids can access, you can also control when and how kids access the approved programs. For example, you can condition their ability to play games upon finishing their homework, completing their chores, or succeeding in our educational programs. Once your child masters the multiplication table and earns enough bonus points he or she can gain access to the puzzle or Internet. No Homework-No Play! technology becomes your virtual babysitter.

Play & Learn

Magic Desktop creates a fun and safe environment where kids can learn to use a PC at their own pace. The child-friendly design is perfect for those tiny little hands while the collection of included programs is suitable for all ages. Our educational and entertainment programs challenge kids to solve problems, make mistakes, try again, and succeed!

Easy Write Fun and easy writing program

Easy Learning Mathematics and English exercises

Easy Paint Fun drawing, picture colouring and image editing program

Gamepad A large collection of kids computer games

My First Music Kids learn to play the piano and other instruments. Develop your childs inner Beethoven!

And many more

Safe Internet

My First Browser is the safest Internet browser for kids that exists! You can pick kid-friendly websites and allow your kids to visit only those parent-approved sites. You wont have to worry about what they are doing online, or any unwanted exposures. Parents also get the complete Internet activity history for further peace-of-mind.

Kids E-mail

Magic Mail is the worlds first secure e-mail program designed specifically for kids. Parents administer the kids address book; kids cannot send or receive e-mails from unknown persons. E-mails from unknown addresses are quarantined and require parental approval. In addition, Magic Mail is completely virus and SPAM protected.

And More

The childs desktop grows with them through continuous updates and new content. Moreover, as kids become familiar with the included programs and content, parents can choose to import applications from Windows into Magic Desktop. This feature allows parents to expand their childs capabilities and further prepare them for future.

Tekan Cnie Tuk Download :)

P/S : lau xfaham GUNA GOOGLE TRANSLATOR..hahahah :P
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