Empayar (2011) DVDRip Mkv

on 14 May 2011

| Release Date: Year 2011 (Singapore) | Country: Singapore | Language: Malay | English | Genres: Action | Drama | Subtitle: None | Size: 250MB Mkv / 700MB Avi | Quality – DVDRip XviD – Jie Azz

Synopsis: Synopsis:The journey of young writer brings her to a world she never knew.Until now.Nurin Johari(MARIAH MAHFAR), a 24-year old prolific writer for a magazine, is granted permission to conduct an interview at a detention centre.Subject of interest is Pak Rais(ABDULLAH AHMAD), an old man in his 60s, who is incidentally Nurin’s father she never knew. Pak Rais was part of a family of a leading organized crime. Little does she know that Pak Rais has been looking for her for many years.In a sequence of flashback, Pak Rais unveils the history of his own rising as a young underboss known to many as Ace(OSMAN SULAIMAN), working for his father Zain Zainal(A. MAHADI) and his uncle, whom he affectionately calls Uncle Tony(TONY CASTELLO).Pak Rais’ account introduces Ace’s mother, Mariam(LIZA ABDULLAH), whom Zain has divorced many years before due to his secret fling, which bring forth the existence of Haizad(HAIZAD IMRAN), the bastard child.Pak Rais, in his story, also reveals his serious relationship with Melissa(AYU RAUDHAH), a Sales Regional Manager based in KL.Melissa’s real name is actually Nadia, Nurin’s mother, whose name Pak Rais deliberately change as he tells the story.Nurin then learns more about Khalid Naga(ROSLAN SALLEH), whom together with Jack(RIEZMAN KHUZAIMI), managed to rope in Haizad to switch his allegiance to them, offering him money and eventually, Power.The police has long trailed Ace’s criminal activities. Head by ASP Lutfi(RAFI KHAN) and an undercover officer, INSP Rozita(MASTURAH AHMAD), together they team up to bring the whole Empire down.Power.Greed.Betrayal.Which will prevail?



File adF.ly 2 kena skip ad dlu baru ley download tau..selamat menyedut..say thanks

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